How to download DOS data in usable form

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How to download DOS data in usable form
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How to make data useful?

I pulled the .save file from questforglory I on this site, and I open it using notepad++ and inside is a bunch of nonsense (I presume JSON). I am able to transfer files from QGloryI to QGloryII just fine, but how would I go about extracting the individual files inside since QGlory VGA is not available online?

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Figured it out nevermind

Nevermind, figured it out in worst method possible. For any short term future readers:

In either QGlory1 or QGlory2, exit to the MSDOS window. Now, change directory to the one where you put the export in, type in dir to find the name, and then type in "type myfile.sav". Now, painstakingly (It's only ~100 bytes or so) copy it into notepad++, rename the file whateveryoulike.SAV (notice the capital, has to be capital) and then you can import into VGA easily after putting it into the save directory.

Here is a sample for you to test:
51537c 9773f7f25411043544f2b7b185b63784c2e 7 e 3 8 2 2 8321217111113136a6c1e387b735e2e

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Why would you want to do that

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