The Dame Was Loaded

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To bring up inventory, click both right and left mouse buttons together.

The Dame Was Loaded is a first person, point and click adventure game for the PC platform created by Australian developer Beam Software (now Melbourne House) first published in 1995 by Philips Interactive Media domestically then in 1996 world wide. The game was a detective noir set in the 1940's and combined live action cinematic's with pre-rendered point and click game play much like previous games in the genre like Under A Killing Moon and Myst. The live action was outsourced to Vixen Films and at the time was the largest multimedia production ever made in Australia. The game was non linear having nine possible endings featuring over thirty fully acted and voiced characters to interact with and over one hour of fully performed cinematics.
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The Dame Was Loaded  - Cover Art DOS


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you re simply amazing guys !! thank you sooo much for this game !

By chepatou
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Dumb question BUT, it says insert disc 2 and, like back in 1996, I cannot locate and insert said disc. Halp!

By okbettsy