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Fallout / Firefox

Opinion : Good Game
OS : Win 10
CPU : i5-5200U
Browser : Firefox 56.0.2

Fallout 1 runs well without any real glitching but there can be the occasional crash. Saved games are easily reinstalled without any loading peculiarities although there have been occasional but infrequent failures to load. Game play runs well although the game feel is a touch antiquated and slow with it's point and click movement scheme. In my opinion the game play still holds up. New players and especially new players looking to broaden their historical grasp of the Fallout franchise will probably get the most out of playing this game. Veteran players will tend to soon recall the hundreds of play throughs and thousands of hours of play time they've already experienced with Fallout 1 where the slow pace and maneuvering compared to Fallout 2 or Arcanum or current games may well erode their nostalgia.

Game play is fairly straight forward without any glaring or unique design elements that would be counter-intuitive to current game control structures.

There is a combat movement 'middle ground' you'll want to suss out and develop a feel for as attacking requires action points, combat movement requires action points and any unspent action points increases your defense. Be careful though, standing still or even not moving far enough away from a melee attacker may leave them with enough action points in their pool to wallop you twice where backing up just 1 more step would have eaten into his action point pool preventing that second hit.

Not all opportunities in the game are available for every type of build (also all of the pre-gens are lousy, create your own)

Nukapedia is a wiki full of everything else you might want to know about the game.

Please don't hesitate to post your own experiences with this game to this thread detailing your Opinion and System Specs to confirm or refute what I've found with this game. Cheers!

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