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L.A. Law - The Computer Game
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Firefox / L.A. Law

Opinion : Good Game
OS : Win 10
CPU : i5-5200U
Browser : Firefox 57.0

L.A. Law runs well without any glitching or crashes. I did not save the game so I cannot attest to any reinstalls. A familiarity with the television show would have been helpful as everything is done under a time limit so knowing which character is an authority in various areas would save time. Various activities such as phoning the medical examiner are made problematic as you need to discover that phone number to dial them and which seems needlessly problematic. In order to present anything in court you must have developed it pre-trial.

Please don't hesitate to post your experiences with this game to this thread detailing your Opinion and System Specs to confirm or refute what I've found with this game. Cheers!

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