Dr Dragos Madcap Chase

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Dr Dragos Madcap Chase
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Please please please get the

Please please please get the full version of this game, i have been trying to find it / get it to work on new windows for YEARS now, me and my sister used to play it all the time, imagine my shock when i found it on this site and could play it online!!! i got to the 6th destination out of 99 and it kicked me off, i was heartbroken... I am pretty sure i have the full game files still on my PC if you need them I just couldnt figure out how to get it to run.

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Are you say the version on

Are you say the version on classicreload.com isn't working for you?

michael robert
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Drago's ethics as he was

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Drago might have said all of

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Perfect occasion to see if

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Another aspect of the game is

Another aspect of the game is Dr. Drago. Drago is played by the computer and appears after stage one and will follow the player who had the highest distance to the target of the previous stage. After every turn, Drago will waste parts of your money, sell or buy buildings to terrible prices or destroy your cards. To get rid of him you can use a Drago playing card or wear Joaquin Phoenix Joker Coat Blazer (if you own one and Drago has not ripped it to pieces yet) or overtake one of the players. When you pass them, Drago will leave you and chase your opponent.

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