Star Trek Judgement Rites Any one ever played this? :)

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Star Trek Judgement Rites Any one ever played this? :)
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Yes. That one and the

Yes. That one and the original Star Trek: 25th Anniversary are known to be the best Trek games ever made. They are worth playing. The Judgement Rites is a little harder than the first one so you might want to try out the original first. You can use a mouse, the keyboard or a joystick simultaneously with these games (the joystick is handy during the ship battles which are intense!). Have fun!

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Nice So great and

I'm so glad others have played this as well as 25th anniversary which I have beaten many times but still enjoy to this day. Too bad Judgment Rites isn't here. I did find it on a site called Myabandonware but it was removed. I've put a request for that game. Thanks for the reply, Butch255!

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