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New ad overlay seems to be interfering with games launching
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Both Master of Magic and

Both Master of Magic and Civilization 1 will either play an ad and then go to black screen, or just sit at a black screen. Neither will capture the mouse and neither will boot up. It seems like either the ad overlay is capturing mouse inputs or is in some way interfering with normal dosbox operations.

I have observed this behavior in both Chrome with Adblock enabled and disabled and IE.

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Of course, as soon as I post

Of course, as soon as I post this, update my avatar, then go try again, Master of Magic magically starts working again...

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Happening to me too across

Happening to me too across Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Any thoughts on what may have fixed for you?

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Power Politics

The ads broke Power Politics, too. It only launces like once every fifty tries.

Donald Clark
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same here

since the ad overlay the games are even more prone to crash and a REAL pain to load

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Same and more

I also have a problem with a game stopping for several seconds when a new ad is launched.

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Yeah, just started streaming

Yeah, just started streaming yesterday by playing Secret of Monkey Island, the game launched fine. Today was only the second time I ever streamed, ever... and thirty minutes in, the game crashed, and refused to load again. Ads played, but not the game. I had to end my stream early because of this; if it isn't fixed, I may have to forget about using anything on this site for a stream ever again. It felt really embarrassing to have to quit because the game wouldn't play...

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