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Games not runnning because of ads?
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Fix this sjit

What is the point of all these ads if it stops people from playing games??

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Same issue. I tried to play

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ooh. great! At first I didn't think I would find a problem here. But I saw. Thank you!
happy wheels

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- have you ever tried restarting the application??
- have you tried restarting a device?
- if android? then tried to delete the application cache??
- try to restart your add id one of the major cause of stopping the add.
- have you tried copying youre saved games, deleting the app, and resinstalling??

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Games not runnning because of ads?

To continue advertisement blocking, click the AdBlock button again and select Resume blocking promotions or Unpause AdBlock.
Whitelisting advises your promotion blocker not to square advertisements on a specific page or site while proceeding to square them wherever else.

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Do you mind putting the subject more clearly which game you're talking about?


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