Impossible to play games since you started the ads

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Impossible to play games since you started the ads
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This page is going down

I'm so sorry to see that this page will not go anywhere with this impossibility to play the games.
Bad move... Ads have killed this page. There's no point to exist a game page where you can not play the games.
Screw you!!!

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Well, the OP was a little

Well, the OP was a little harsh, but the heart of his post is true. With the ads running constantly, it bogs down games, often freezing them. In particular, Railroad Tycoon, Red Baron, Aces over Europe, Aces of the Pacific. Really the only games I come here to play. I get it, you need ads for free content, but they're making the games unplayable, so I'm not coming to the site, so I'm not seeing the ads. Doesn't work too well, does it?

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Insane amount of ads has made the games impossible to use

Even typing these comments is interrupted by ads. So long, fun while it lasted.

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Agree with above comments.

Agree with above comments. Games have become unplayable. I get messages about this page using too much energy and this page causing the system to slow down. Game play slows to a crawl within minutes of beginning.

Also, ads that change size move the play screen up and down mid play which is annoying to say the least and ads to the unplayability of your games.

Its a catch 22, you can't keep the site up without ad revenue but ads will drive away all of your users, thus leading to zero ad revenue. I recommend find a less resource intensive ad source and perhaps placing the ads below or to the side of the play screen to prevent moving of the play field.

Many many sites exist using ad revenues without bogging down their user experience. Something is wrong in the way this has been implemented on this site.

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They could at least get rid

They could at least get rid of ads that capture keyboard input. I have to save my game via mouse and reload the page every 5 minutes because an invasive ad prevents me from using the keyboard. If they're going to use ads, they need to curate the ads, or restrict ads that capture keyboard input or use a ridiculous amount of processing power(why do some ads with complex animations run fine while some still image ads grind the games to a halt?). Or, if they aren't able to filter the ads on this basis, start using a new ad host. This is ridiculous.

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