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Baby food menu "Bread, pork and shrimp with mayad"

Thirty past episodes Just noticed that there are only main dishes or side dishes Today, Mae Pom Pom Pongponrat Pornchamni offers a snack menu like The pork and shrimp bread menu with mayad for kids Without oil to share with friends Mother Is an afternoon menu for children Certification must be attracted to each other. This menu, Mae Pom, adapted from the recipe of shrimp toast with sesame This is one of the deep fried dishes of Cantonese cuisine, Yum Cha (Yum Cha, literally translated as "drinking tea"). Thais are more familiar with the Dim Dim. Cantonese people eat dim sum from morning to noon, which is an Eastern Brunch (Breafast + Lunch). Personally, I remember that when I was young We often take Grandma to eat Dim Sum twice a month. Until Grandma is fascinated with this sesame sprinkled shrimp bread menu from Marina Siam Square, so I want your grandchildren to make this favorite menu for you to eat. So Grandma sent Mae Pom to learn to do Dim Sum at the Modern Housewife School of Teacher Phol Sikharajiva in the Samsen Railway. When my mother was in elementary 4 (if asked how many years ago Probably have to bring both the fingers and toes of the whole family to the point of counting). The mother herself is probably the youngest student at that time. Every time when eating this type of food Always thinking of grandma Of course, thanks to the shrimp sesame toast, this dish allowed us to step into the kitchen officially. In addition, the confidence of the grandmother who sent this baboon to learn to cook since childhood Grandma considered it an inspiration to mother like to live in the kitchen to the present. Afternoon menu such as pork and shrimp breads on this kid's version We will mix the shrimp and Thai identity with three tastes as well. In China, shrimp, hee, or banana are all mixed with pork, egg whites and seasonings. When studying, it was the first time my mother had tried using Chinese liquor as a cooking ingredient. As for this child version, the mother would like to keep the seasoning sauce and liquor first Mother uses fish rice as a salty flavor instead. The final difference is that Thai-style cooking is done in an egg shaped like Western-style breaded bread before frying. But the Chinese shrimp toast menu will be immediately mixed with sesame seeds and fried An important technique that moms remember from the teacher is how to fry the bread without oiling. The school recommends bringing the bread to dry in the sun before frying. The point is that the bread must be dry before frying. Dryness does not allow oil. But this bread frying in the rainy season The mother got new knowledge from the experiment by herself. One is using old bread which means bought in the refrigerator for two days. Humidity will start to disappear in the sun or in a house that has fierce birds like your mother's house. Recommend to put in the oven Use the top-bottom lighting program. Minimum heat for ten minutes The bread will be dry and ready to fry. (If interested in making shrimp toast, you can write in.) Let's see how to make a Thai version. slotxo

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