Play DOS Games on MAC


Play old pc games on Apple MAC/Macbook is as simple as loading your web browser and going to Play DOS Games Online.  No addition software installation is required however it is recommended you install a modern web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best performance. The games on this site will load pretty quickly with a good Internet connection, so whether you are at home school or work you can load a favorite game. Games are pre-configured to run with sound and gamepad support.

Safari Support:

For some reason maybe security the Safari browser has some difficulties loading some Javascript based emulation, most likely this is because of Apples sometimes overzealous security measures to ensure stability of the operating system and insure optimal battery life. If you really want the best performance play any DOS game on your Apple any other computer then a native port of DOSBox is going to be the best option plus you will be able to save game at your own convenience.

If you have any tips on configuration for MAC and this site please feel free to post suggestion that might help your fellow gamers.