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How to play Targ

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.Targ (emulator version) can be played on a computer. Select a player mode with key 1 or 2 on the start screen. Use key 1 for one player mode and 2 for versus mode. Once the player mode has been selected, click on start.

When your vehicle appears on the screen, use the four arrow keys to manoeuvre it around the grid. The right arrow key moves your vehicle to the right, left arrow key will steer it to the left while the up and down arrow keys will move it forward and backwards respectively. The ALT fires your gun at any object in front of you, your gun cannot be fired in any other direction. Your vehicle is only equipped to fire one projectile at once.

Targ Description

Targ is a vehicular combat video game released by Exidy is 1980. The game is one of the most successful arcade games by Exidy, a sequel of the game was later released and it was called “Spectar”. Exidy was a video game company known as one of the pioneer creators of arcade games. The company was one of the biggest developers of arcade video games in the 70’s and 80’s. It was owned by the founder, Pete Kauffman before he died in 2015. In 1983, Exidy innovated the notable Crossbow game, which was the first of its kind in the arcade game industry. The company was also the first to incorporate digitized sound into their video games. Other popular game titles created by Exidy are Crash, Star Fire, Top Gunner, Destruction Derby, and Death Race.

Targ features a field of play called Crystal City, a 9 by 9 grid with 81 blocks which the player’s green vehicle must race through to avoid the arrowhead killer vehicles speeding in its direction. The player’s green vehicle comes with a gun system which can be used to destroy killer vehicles before they make a head-on collision. While the player’s objective is to keep their vehicle intact and avoid crashing into arrowheads, the latter’s objective is to destroy the player's vehicle by crashing into it. To avoid arrow heads, player must blast them off with the blue vehicle’s weapon system or avoid their path.

Apart from the arrowheads, there is an advanced killer vehicle called ‘Spectar Smuggler’ which occasionally appears on the screen from any of the yellow grids. Spectar Smuggler is a blue vehicle, similar to the player’s vehicle which is more skilled at dodging fire and navigating the grids. Unlike arrowheads, Spectar Smuggler is difficult to destroy but rewards 500 points when it is finally destroyed. Neither the arrowheads nor the Spectar Smuggler can shoot back at the player which gives the player advantage until they become too fast to outrun in the difficulty levels.

The game is played in levels, and player can only move to the next level when all the killer vehicles on the field of play have been destroyed. In each level, ten arrowheads appear on the screen and they all award points when they are shot. Each arrowheads award 10 points each in the first level, 20 in the second and 30 in the third. An overall score of 1000 points is awarded when all arrowheads are cleared in level one, 2000 in level two and 3000 in the third level. However, each level gets more difficult as the previous level is conquered. At advanced stages, arrowheads move with great speed and get smarter. Each time arrowheads run into player’s vehicle, the game is forced to end and player must start from the start. Targ can be played by two players, but both players will have to play alternatively.

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