Cosmic Guerilla

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How to play Cosmic Guerilla

The main objective of this game is to keep the aliens away from your base by blasting them off in large numbers with your laser weapon, as this is the only way you can proceed to the next level. As a typical arcade game, a coin is usually needed to play the game. Insert your coin and choose the number of players that will be playing and start the game. Shoot by pressing the fire button which only allows one shot at a time and aim when the Guerrillas are within your range. The guns affect the ordinary Guerrillas, mutant moles, and UFOs but the latter has more resistance compared to the others. Once you fire at entities closest to your gun, you see them squash and disappear from the screen almost instantly, exposing the rest behind them.

The two stations at the bottom of the screen (triangles with ‘G’ imprinted on them) are meant to harbour your ammunitions and guard them against any offence, take advantage of it while it stands. The stations also take the hits for you when you are fired at but they can be destroyed after being fired at many times.

A block is designed to secure your central laser gun. When your block vanishes after sustaining heavy attacks, the invaders will approach and attempt to take your gun to the top of the screen, you can prevent this by firing at them (if you still have arms in your reserve) before they get to their destination.
Steer clear of the Guerrillas’ gun range by moving from one side of the screen to another.
When the UFO emerges, fire at it and gain up to 200 points after you succeed in blowing it up. The UFO usually takes position behind the army of aliens, so be cautious while launching your attack as your central laser cannon is left assailable at this moment.

With each level you attain, the difficulty of the game intensifies. The number of armies and the speed at which you are engaged increases. From level one to three, you earn twenty points for every guerrilla you kill, level four to six you get forty points, level seven to nine you gain sixty points for killing gold guerrillas. At level thirteen, you get a hundred points for killing regular aliens and if a UFO is destroyed, you can gain 50, 100,150, 200, or 300 points.

The number of reserve weapons left and your credits are shown at the bottom screen and more guns can be acquired, when a certain amount of points is earned. Your high score is displayed at the end of each level and it ranges from 0 to any six digit number. Pay attention to the number of lives you have left, if you lose all on one level, the game starts over from the first screen.

Cosmic Guerilla Description

Cosmic Guerrilla is a classic arcade game, manufactured and published by Universal in 1979. It is a ‘shoot em up’ type of gameplay that allows for a maximum of two players at a time, but both cannot play simultaneously. The interface comes with direct control and a fixed visual. When playing the game, you will notice that the screen is flipped and that it has a side view perspective.

The characters in the portrait screen are in yellow, blue, red, purple, and green colours. You might not know which character belongs to you, as there are no specific indicators except for their positions on the screen. Your shooter is located down below, but just above the bar that demarcates the score and credits from the rest of the screen. As a variant in the cosmic series, Cosmic Guerrilla was released after Cosmic Monsters and Cosmic Monsters 2 in 1979. After the debut of Cosmic Guerilla, other games such as Devil Zone, Zero Hour, Cosmic Avenger, and Comic Alien were released.
Once the game starts, get ready to fire your guns at the alien enemies in this sci-fi arcade game. In a futuristic galaxy, you are a shooter positioned in the middle, anticipating a battalion of aliens as they alight from the top of your screen. The sole defence you have is a laser gun, which moves from right to left as you control it. At first, the guerrillas align themselves in two vertical lines then they advance and close up to invade and steal shields, which will ultimately allow them to conquer and possess your guns.

Once your shield has been stolen, you lose a life. Your central gun is exposed and you become more vulnerable to attack as it can be taken away if the intruders are not stopped. To prevent your planet from extinction, you have to take your shot while the aliens are on the move. You can evade fire coming in your direction by making good use of a base which serves as your protective guard. As you advance in level, you will notice that the features of Guerrillas changes and they come in about 7 different forms. Watch out for sporadic bombs that fall from the adversary’s flying ship (UFO), and attacks from a mutant mole that spontaneously appears after you score 500 points.

Overall, if you enjoy a fast-paced action arcade game that offers multiple characters which brings excitement to the screen, then Cosmic Guerrillas is for you. After spending some time playing the game, controlling your weapons comes with ease but you may find the advanced levels too difficult to pass. After multiple plays, you will discover and learn more ways to navigate the system and be able to anticipate spontaneous attacks. There are a few times in the game where you might wish the gun is not limited to sideways movement. At other times you might be glad it is stationed at the far corner, away from the aliens moving towards you. If you are familiar with the famous Space Invader, you will find a lot of similarities between it and this game.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Cosmic Guerilla

When the mutant mole is in the middle of the screen, it has no effect on your laser gun and you can use this opportunity to fire projectiles at him.

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