The Oregon Trail

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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play The Oregon Trail

Press Enter Key to start or stop walking
Use Arrow keys to point the rifle (novice hunters)
Press Space bar to fire the rifle.
Control-A also allows you to erase messages (epitaphs) written on the tombstones for "emigrants" who died along the trail.

The Oregon Trail Description

Choose a persona and jump right into exploring the Oregon Trail on Classic Reload! First released to the masses in 1974 by MECC, The Oregon Trail stands out as the most important educational game of all time, holding a worthy spot in the Video Game Hall of Fame.

You will need to ration food, hunt, trade, and ford rivers while prioritizing your party’s survival.

The character you pick will determine the difficulty level of the game since the banker can afford food and supplies for most of the trip, while the carpenter has a smaller budget, and the farmer must rely mostly on skills to maneuver the trial. The game ends when your party is eliminated or when you reach Oregon.

Your character choice also influences the points you earn when the game ends. Since the game is easy for the banker, no point multipliers are applied. Carpenters get a 2x point multiplier, while farmers get a 3x point multiplier.

The random challenges in the game can change the entire course of the game for a player. Therefore, new players must try beating the game as a banker before trying it at other difficulty levels.

Learn about the difficult life of pioneers in the 19th century by playing The Oregon Trail. Good luck!

The Oregon Trail walkthrough

The Oregon Trail - additional information

Game year
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Also known as
"The Oregon Trail: Classic Edition" -- Softkey CD-ROM release title
"Oregon" -- original title
The Oregon Trail - Cover Art DOS