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How to play Violence Fight

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.The attract mode displays the background story of the game. Once the start screen is displayed, key 1 or 2 will choose a single player game or versus mode. In the versus mode, player fights against another player and they both choose any of the fighters as their characters.

Players can move their characters to the left, right, up and down in the ring by using the four arrow buttons. They can also throw punches and kicks and a lot more special techniques. There are unique techniques owned by each of the players.
On the screen, the health of both players in a fight is displayed. When a character sustains a fatal hit, his health reduces drastically. Players can also block punches from their opponents.

Violence Fight Description

Violence Fight is one on one beat ‘em up arcade game developed and published by Taito in 1989. Taito Corporation is a Japanese arcade game publisher owned by Square Enix Holdings. The company also develops home and commercial video games, mobile phones, and supplies Japan with American coin-op games. Most arcades in Japan are owned by Taito and they are named after the company. Popular games developed by the company include Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Astro Race, Lunar Rescue, and Bubble Bobble. Other sport themed arcade games by Taito are Super Speed Race V, Top Bowler, Ball Park 1, and Ball Park 2.

Violence Fight was set in the U.S.A in the 1950s, where a series of illegal underground fighting tournaments take place. Several criminals and hoodlums participate in this fighting tournament to determine the best contestant. There are several fighters, player must select one of them as their character and engage the rest of the players in a series of fight match. Characters are from different part of the country, and each of them has special fight techniques and moves. Player can choose any of these characters on the start screen. Bad Blue- A Los Angeles street fighter who is 187 cm tall and weighs 98kg. Born on June 11, 1938. He is well known for his stardust punch technique. As shown on the start screen “he has a reputation for plenty of techniques and it’s sharpness”

Ben Smith- From Carson City Nevada, weighs 105kg and is 189cm tall. He is a 54-year-old former marine who fights fiercely. The game describes him as thus “He is nicknamed Fierce Eagle of Nevada. He has a strong jumping force”
Lick Joe: Lick is an old timer, aged 63. He is a native of Oklahoma and is popular for his “Atomic Chop” move. He is also a retired professional wrestler who was banned because he killed 13 players in the ring. This is what is said about him: “Although his bodily strength is very strong, his movement is slow”.
Lee Chen: He is an Asian fighter from Miami, Florida. Chen is aged 53, weighs 80 kg and is 183cm tall. He is said to have “went over to the mainland of China in his child age for learning Assassination Ken”.
Ron Max: A stock farmer from Texas. Weighs a whopping 120 kg and is 192 cm tall. The 56-year-old fighter is known for his head butt techniques. The game says “He has a destructive power, and especially his head is so hard that it can destroy rocks”.
Tony Won: Aged 49, Tony weighs 115kg and stands at 225 cm. He is an ambitious fighter who hails from New York. “He has overwhelming power as a prospective winner of this great event. He is capable of doing anything to win”.

Player must choose between any of these fighters and against three other fighters in the first round. Two out of the three matches has to be won so as to be declared the winner. There is a bonus round when player wins two matched consecutively. In the bonus round, player’s character fights against a Tiger. If he wins, the fighter gets a power-up that improves his skills and gives him the ability to activate the punch and kick button. The fourth and fifth round is against Ron Max and Toney Won, as they are advanced players who are difficult to beat.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Violence Fight

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