Bulls and Cows

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How to play Bulls and Cows

  • Start the game and select the difficulty level.
  • Enter your guess for the secret code.
  • Receive feedback in the form of "bulls" and "cows."
  • Use the feedback to refine your next guesses.
  • Continue guessing until you crack the code or reach the maximum number of attempts.

Bulls and Cows Description

Bulls and Cows is a classic text-based puzzle game for DOS, offering a mental challenge that sharpens logical thinking and deduction skills. In this game, the player must guess a secret code consisting of a sequence of numbers. The objective is to determine the correct sequence with the least number of attempts.

Upon each guess, the game provides feedback in the form of "bulls" and "cows." A "bull" indicates a correct number in the correct position, while a "cow" signifies a correct number in an incorrect position. This feedback helps players refine their guesses and inch closer to cracking the code. The simplicity of Bulls and Cows, combined with its intellectual challenge, makes it an engaging and timeless puzzle game.

Bulls and Cows, designed for the DOS operating system on PC, is a perfect way to exercise your brain while enjoying a piece of retro gaming history. Its straightforward mechanics and engaging gameplay have kept players hooked for decades, making it a must-try for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of classic games.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Bulls and Cows

Begin with a guess that includes all unique digits to gather initial feedback. Pay attention to the number of bulls and cows to determine which digits are correct. Use logical deduction to place correct digits in the correct positions. Keep track of previous guesses and their feedback to avoid repeating unsuccessful patterns. Practice makes perfect; the more you play, the better you’ll become at cracking the code quickly.

Bulls and Cows - additional information

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Bulls and Cows: The Classic DOS Game

Bulls and Cows is a classic code-breaking game that dates back to the pre-digital era but found a new audience with its DOS version. Known for its simplicity and engaging logic, Bulls and Cows challenges players to guess a secret code using deductive reasoning. This game, a precursor to modern hits like Mastermind, has maintained its charm and relevance over the years. Let's delve into the history, gameplay, and legacy of Bulls and Cows.

History of Bulls and Cows

Bulls and Cows originated as a pen-and-paper game, popular long before the advent of computers. Its transition to a DOS game in the 1980s brought it to a wider audience, leveraging the growing popularity of personal computers. The DOS version preserved the essence of the original game while adding a digital twist that made it more accessible and engaging for players at the time.

Gameplay of Bulls and Cows


The objective of Bulls and Cows is simple: guess a secret code chosen by the computer. The code consists of a sequence of digits, usually four, with no repeated numbers. Each guess provides feedback that helps the player deduce the correct code.

How to Play Bulls and Cows

  1. Starting the Game: The computer randomly generates a four-digit code, with each digit being unique.
  2. Making a Guess: The player enters a four-digit guess.
  3. Feedback Mechanism: The computer provides feedback in terms of "bulls" and "cows":
    • Bulls: Each bull represents a correct digit in the correct position.
    • Cows: Each cow represents a correct digit but in the wrong position.
  4. Iterative Guessing: Using the feedback, the player refines their guesses until the code is correctly guessed or a predetermined number of attempts is reached.


If the secret code is 1234 and the player guesses 1356, the feedback would be:

  • Bulls: 1 (the digit 1 is correct and in the right position)
  • Cows: 2 (the digits 3 and 4 are correct but in the wrong positions)

Strategies for Winning Bulls and Cows

Winning at Bulls and Cows requires a combination of logical reasoning and strategic guessing. Here are some tips:

  1. Start with Diverse Digits: Begin with a guess that uses a wide range of digits to maximize the information from the feedback.
  2. Analyze Feedback Carefully: Pay close attention to the number of bulls and cows to understand which digits are correct and adjust your subsequent guesses accordingly.
  3. Use Process of Elimination: As you gather more feedback, eliminate impossible digits and positions to narrow down the possibilities.
  4. Track Your Guesses: Keep a record of your guesses and the feedback to avoid repeating mistakes and to spot patterns.

Legacy and Cultural Impact of Bulls and Cows

Bulls and Cows has had a lasting impact on the puzzle and logic game genre. Its simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics have inspired numerous variations and adaptations, including the popular board game Mastermind. The DOS version of Bulls and Cows introduced the game to a generation of computer users, cementing its place in gaming history.

Similar Games to Bulls and Cows

If you enjoy Bulls and Cows, you might also like these similar games:

  1. Mastermind: A board game that closely mirrors the mechanics of Bulls and Cows but uses colored pegs instead of digits.
  2. Codebreaker: Another DOS-based puzzle game where players use logic to break a secret code.
  3. Hangman: While different in format, Hangman also involves guessing and deduction, making it a fun alternative for puzzle enthusiasts.
  4. Minesweeper: A logic-based game where players deduce the locations of mines on a grid based on numerical clues.

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Bulls and Cows remains a beloved classic, celebrated for its straightforward yet intellectually stimulating gameplay. Its enduring appeal lies in the universal enjoyment of problem-solving and deduction. The DOS version of Bulls and Cows continues to captivate players, proving that great games never go out of style.


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