Edd the Duck!

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How to play Edd the Duck!

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Edd the Duck! Description

On childrens TV in the early 90s, Edd the Duck and Wilson the arm were the familiar puppets helping with the link sections. Like most child-oriented licenses of the day, his first computer outing was a platform game, scrolling vertically and resembling Rainbow Islands, although much simplified.

Edd must progress up the levels within the time limit (water will come up to drown him - presumably polluted water through which a duck can't swim), while collecting every star. Bad guys can be stunned by shooting them, which makes them safe to touch, although nothing other than Edd actually dies. The levels are all themed around particular areas of the BBC offices, including a sci-fi set and the weather room.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Edd the Duck!

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Edd the Duck! - Cover Art Commodore 64