Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death

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How to play Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death

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Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death Description

Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death is an action video game from the Lupo Solitaire fantasy saga, released in 1991 for Amstrad CPC , Commodore 64 , MS-DOS, and ZX Spectrum by the British Audiogenic editor. The original editions contained a copy of the English version of the mortal death book librogame . Conversions for other computers including the Amiga were announced but did not light up. It was the third video game about Lupo Solitario , the first to come out not only for Spectrum, followed by the fourth twenty years later; it does not have any links with the other titles. It was republished for DOS also with the title Tower of Fear , removing any reference to Lupo Solitario

Solitary Wolf faces the towering fort of Khazan-Gor, belonging to a malicious wizard, to recover a precious stone. Khazan-Gor is infested with numerous traps, including the mirror of death ( Mirror of Death ), which the protagonist just destroyed. Seven demons release themselves from the mirror, each one from its fragment. Solitary Wolf needs to explore Khazan-Gor, which has the shape of a large tower that climbs extending into more towers, and find and defeat one by one the demons, armed with swords and some magical powers known as Kai .

Khazan-Gor is a labyrinth of fixed-side rooms, to be explored starting from the base of the tower. There are platforms , pivotal stairs and later also lifts. They are faced with dangers like gargoyles spitting bullets, birds, traps, and demons in the form of speculative copies of the protagonist. You can also plummet for several screens, but without direct damage.

Lone Wolf with Directional Controls can walk, use stairs, jump, lower, roll, while combining directions with the fire button you can perform various fighting style of aggressive or defensive type, with or without sword. While climbing the stairs, however, you can not fight and if you are hit it will crash. It has an energy bar, exhaustible up to four times before defeat; each consumed bar is represented by a wolf's head that becomes a skull.

At the beginning of the game, the player can select four out of eight Kai skills, which can then be used in limited quantities by pressing the corresponding key [2] :

Psy Surge : paralyzes the enemy
Mindshield : protects against Psi Surge opponent
Animal Kinship : The appearance of a wolf that terrorizes the enemy
Invisibility : invisibility as well as invulnerability to ordinary dangers
Sixth Sense : suggests the right path
Divinity : allows you to see invisible enemies
Weapon Skills : More Effective Sword
Healing : Recovers energy, but only in the presence of a demon.

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