Castle Master 2: The Crypt

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How to play Castle Master 2: The Crypt

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Castle Master 2: The Crypt Description

Initially the player chooses between playing as the prince or princess. The character not chosen is then taken away by a dragon to Castle Eternity. (The location of keys and some other items differ slightly between the two characters.)

The game requires the player, through a first person view, to explore Castle Eternity. There are riddles on many of the castle walls, which give gameplay hints. There are also keys and pentacles hidden in various locations for the player to collect. Many rooms contain spirits which attack the player and reduce his or her health. The player's health (represented by a barbell where weights indicate the amount) is also the player's strength which is important for some puzzles. The player's only weapon is an unlimited supply of rocks to throw, but a single hit is sufficient to exorcise most of the spirits. The ultimate goal is to kill the boss spirit Magister (who can only be killed when all other spirits in the castle are destroyed) and thereby rescue the character's opposite number.

A number of copies of Castle Master came with The Crypt. It uses the same Freescape game engine and continues the original plot. In this chapter, you'll have to free your beloved by entering and exploring a 3D crypt, activating lifts and exploring the various floors.

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