Top 10 Classic Puzzle Games

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Long before the action game, puzzle games were the fad. Whether you want to play brain teasers, hardcore puzzles, or a five-minute distraction, there is a puzzle game to meet your requirements.

But puzzle games do not always get the credit that they deserve. With game developers having the ability to twist a player's brain in different ways, like memory, logistics, and reflexes, puzzle games have a lot of overlooked potential.

We review some of the classic puzzle games every gamer should try at least once in this post.

Best Puzzle Games to Play

Below are the top 10 puzzle games that you can consider playing.

#1 Tetris

Tetris is arguably the alpha and omega of all puzzle games as it has countless iterations. It is, in fact, the first puzzle game that comes to mind to most people when they are asked about computer puzzle games.

Back in the 80s, when the game was launched, it became a major hit. It even started a corporate war between different publishing houses.

#2 Lemmings

It's a challenging puzzle game that requires the player to rescue as many lemmings as possible. Playing off the myth of lemming mammal willingly following its pack off cliffs. The players must guide and protect the humanoid lemmings, so they don't die.

Unfortunately, it sometimes means sacrificing some lemmings so others can have a clear path. It was one of the bestselling games that have multiple sequels. It was later remastered for Android and iOS.

#3 Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario brings you to a mushroom kingdom that must be protected from any ill that ails it, including germs. Players are required to stab at the matching tile formula.

To eliminate nasty bugs, Dr. Mario must match the colors in single or dual-color pills. It's a challenging game that keeps you engaged for a long time.

#4 Supaplex

Supaplex is a legendary puzzle game, but the eponymous may be suicidal. It explodes into liquid goo, but it can be worked with. You can easily play the game using a few tricks.

It includes slamming into the ground and speeding around curves. The little guys in the game are determined to blow up several bombs in the stage arenas. They can also pull off impressive tricks.

#5 The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine is a game that includes such an element with an open-ended palette of gadgets to string everything together. A few years after the game was launched, its iPad version was also available.

#6 Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave is a puzzle game that shows a Deserted Pirate's Hideout in 1988. This computer game was made by John Romero and initially developed for Apple II as a demo. But in 1990, this game was ported to DOS.

#7 Chip's Challenge

Chip's Challenge is an engaging game released in 1989 and part of the Atari Lynx launch. This game offers different challenge levels with a tilted grid. The players of this iconic game require you to collect computer chips and proceed to the next level.

Some levels include locked doors, movable blocks, enemies, and more. Throughout the game, you can use different tools that will help you go a long way. The original version of the game has 144 puzzles to complete.

#8 The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings is a tricky puzzle game because it requires the player to control not one but three characters. All characters have different abilities that can be used to defeat the enemies.

What's interesting is that players must switch between the characters as per the requirement. It's a lighthearted and fun game that you would love to play.

#9 Pipe Dream

This game requires the players to construct a path for sweet slime using several pieces of pipe presented randomly in a queue. After a time delay, the slime starts flowing. Players must not rotate the pieces but place them correctly.

#10 Bust A Move

It's a different game that requires you to shoot colored bubbles towards multicolor cluster games. Players can pull off combo like any other well-placed hit. An easy way to do it is by bouncing the bubble off the wall.


If you like playing puzzle games, you can play any of the 10 games mentioned in this post.