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How to play KGB

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

KGB Description

KGB is a computer game released for IBM PC Compatible and Amiga computers in 1994. Set in the decadent final days of the Soviet Union, KGB is one of the best adventure games released for both systems and it's considered to be quite difficult, even for experienced gamers, since it relies on a real time clock and correct/wrong answers which can end the game immediately or after an event needed to be triggered. Sometimes, players might only notice an error commited hours after. The game engine has plenty of similarities with Cryo's Dune.

You play Captain Maksim Rukov, recently transfered to the Department P from the GRU after three years' duty to investigate possible corruption inside the KGB (after a former agent turned private eye was found murdered), only to find later that there was a major leftist-hardliner conspiracy linked to the corruption. Both Rukov's parents were killed 23 May 1983 during a afghan terrorist attack in Dushambe Tadzhik, and leaving his uncle Vanya in a wheelchair.

The CD version, which included clips of Rukov's father played by Donald Sutherland giving advice was released soon after the floppy version, and is commonly called Conspiracy. There are no other differences, and Sutherland's performance is considered to be quite passable.

KGB - additional information

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Also known as
"Conspiracy" -- Enhanced CD-ROM release title
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KGB - Front Cover Art DOS