Panzer III

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How to play Panzer III

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Panzer III Description

Following Panzer 2019, Panzer III abruptly turns to the left again and adopts a side-scrolling design that appears to be influenced by Metal Slug. The game, like the third bad guy, maybe overly ambitious and incomplete. Panzer III suffers from an unpleasant (and, for the PPP Team, unusual) collision of ideas with the engine's constraints, as opposed to Badman, where the issue was more related to hardware failure and required work.

In essence, RSD's engine cannot provide the diagonal surfaces that Panzer III requires, and no amount of tinkering or fudging can make those edges more blurry. What the game does offer, though, is a charming, flat-shaded cartoon look and our first look at Jack Booster in the driver's seat. The environment is lovely, even if a tank isn't the optimal character for this design. nice enough that the PPP team tried to reuse it later with a more fitting character. Enjoy and have fun while playing the game!

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Panzer III
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