Bloody Wolf

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Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


Snake and Eagle, two commandos of the Bloody Wolf special forces, receive instructions from their commander to destroy the enemy's heavily armed base to rescue the President and any allies who have been reported as MIA.

This top-down run and gun shooter takes a nod to Contra-style gameplay, allowing the mercenaries to blast their way through eight levels of enemy opposition armed with only a knife and a machine gun.

Along the way, new weapons such as shotguns, bazookas, flash bombs, and grenades can be added to the arsenal, as well as health and defensive power-ups. Players can even find a motorcycle to ride in some areas, or swim through certain parts of a level.

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Game year: 
NEC Avenue, Ltd.
Developed by: 
Data East Corporation
Also known as: 
"ならず者戦闘部隊 ブラッディウルフ" -- Japanese spelling
"Narazumono Sentou Butai Bloody Wolf" -- Japanese title
"Battle Rangers" -- International arcade title

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