Vigilance on Talos V

Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play Vigilance on Talos V


ARROW KEYS = Directional Movement.
CTRL = Jump.
ALT = Use Selected Weapon. (Also regular guns and bombs, when
ITEM MENU is not activated)
TAB = Select Weapon from ITEM MENU.
SPACE = Toggles between regular guns/bombs to ITEM MENU.

Vigilance on Talos V Description

Story so far...

3021 AD: Killian Jaraad, a starship technician and single parent
boards a colonial transport with his 5 year old daughter Colesce. In route
to the colony on Sur 4, the colonial transport was attacked by biological
ships belonging to the Xenos, a highly organized collection of hostile
alien races. Jaraad and Colesce were separated, and Jaraad watched from his
escape pod as the Xenos ships fled the wreckage of the colonial transport.
Convinced Colesce had died aboard the transport, Jaraad devoted his life
to destroying the Xenos once and for all. For three years Jaraad trained
as a mercenary and weapons expert, tracking down and destroying Xenos
ships and bases.
3024 AD: A mercenary known as E. Red gives Jaraad a crucial piece
of information; the xenos have been collecting human slaves and are holding
them on a planet in the Talos V system. With the realization that Colesce
could be one of the prisoners, Jaraad heads towards the Talos V system,
prepared to investigate each of the three planetary bases in that system
in order to find his daughter. And so it begins...

Your objective:
Find, and destroy the evil Drektor. He is the leader of the Xeno's.
He is a tough, and worthy opponent. His brain hides in different forms, so
he'll be hard to find. You'll know him, when you see him though.



Select Missiles from the ITEM MENU at the bottom of the screen when
encountering powerful foes or doors that are difficult to open. Missile
refills can be found throughout the game after you destroy specific monsters.

Select Plasma from the ITEM MENU to do ultimate damage to anyone who tries to
come between you and your mission. Plasma will also break through most hard
to open doors.

Select Grapple from the ITEM MENU and use it by hooking it on to the ceiling
and swing over specific obstacles in the game. You may only use the Grapple
on certain ceiling blocks.

Select X-ray Goggles from the ITEM MENU when checking for secret passage ways.
To activate the goggles and use them for a 360 view scan, hold down the ALT
key and use the UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS to target the area you wish to scan.
Entrances to hidden passages will be shown in a flat monotone texture as
opposed to the appearance of all other textures, within the goggles' field of

Select Heat Seekers from the ITEM MENU when faced with hard to hit enemies.
Save these for that special occasion. Heat seekers will automatically zero in
on your enemy, even in those hard to reach places.

Select Flame Thrower from the ITEM MENU, but be aware, that this is a special
Flame Thrower that can only be used on specific creatures, so don't waste it
on just anyone.

Once you find the Saturn Ball, you will be able to curl up in a ball shape
and roll across the screen. You are able to enter this position by simply
pressing the DOWN ARROW key. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be in the ball position
to plant bombs. This position will also give you access to tunnels that you
could not normally fit through in a standing position.

Once you are in the ball position you may lay bombs by pressing the ALT key.
Use your bombs to blow holes in portions of the floors and walls in order to
uncover secret passages that lead to larger caverns. Remember, when laying
bombs, you must be in normal gun mode. If you are not in normal gun mode,
simply press the SPACE BAR until you notice that the ITEM MENU is disabled.
Helpful hint: You are able to project bombs in the direction you move.

Once you get the jump boots, your character will be able to jump further in
height and distance.


Collectibles can be found throughout the caverns of the game. You will also
find that the enemies you destroy usually leave collectibles behind.

Every time Killian Jaraad picks up a missile, you gain 1 missile to you
inventory. IMPORTANT NOTE: The number of missiles you can hold is in
accordance to the number of Missile Containers you have. You are able to
hold 5 missiles per container.

Missile Containers will appear throughout the game as you shoot monsters.
Missile containers hold 5 missiles per container.

Refills for your Plasma weapon can be picked up throughout the game. Each
Plasma refill contains five shots.

Energy is shown as little red battery packs and can either be found laying
about the caverns of Talos V or when you destroy an enemy. Every time you
take one of these battery packs, you gain 5 points of energy.

Super Energy can be found less frequently throughout the caverns and when you
take it your energy will increase 99 points.

You can also find Reserve Tanks which increase the amount of energy you can
hold. At the beginning of the game Killian Jaraad starts with 99 points of
energy, but if you find another tank, you will be able to hold another 99
points of energy.

At the start of each world, Killian Jaraad is able to perform a special skill,
but you will have to find out what that skill is in each world. Hint: When
near a vine, press the UP ARROW key and Killian Jaraad will grab hold of it
and slide down. You must use this special skill throughout specific levels of
the game.


Once you enter the Save Game Pod, be sure to press the UP ARROW key. This
will then present you the option of saving your game in 1 of 5 save slots.
Save your game as many times as you can throughout your quest, in order to
avoid having to restart your quest at the beginning.

Teleporters are hidden throughout the worlds and once found can be used to
transport you to other zones. Activate the teleporter by stepping inside and
pressing the UP ARROW key.

Transporters look just like Teleporters, the only difference is they
transport you to the next world. The good news about Transporters is they
move you one step closer to defeating Drektor, the bad news is once you are
transported to another world, via Transporter, you lose all of your special

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