We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story

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How to play We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story Description

The Genesis equivalent of We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story differs from it. Despite including movie characters, this version does not adhere to the film's plot. In this rendition, Louie and Cecilia have been abducted by Professor Screw Eyes. When the dinosaurs and Captain New eyes learn of this, they set out to save their friends by journeying through several eras. The game is a side-scrolling side-scroller in which the player controls Rex as he moves through the levels, dodging traps and taking out numerous adversaries that are dispersed across them (five in all). Rex occasionally gets assistance from his dinosaur friends Elsa, Woog, Vorb, and Dweeb. Power-ups that improve health and restore energy are also available. Enjoy playing We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story. Have fun with it here on Classic Reload.

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We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story
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