Greatest Paper Airplanes

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Greatest Paper Airplanes Description

Paper Planes! Hours spent for the painstaking construction of entire armadas of paper; hours spent on flight tests of finished models; hours devoted to refining and decoration of the most successful models. Assembly technology the fastest, most agile and beautiful copies were passed from generation to generation and carefully preserved in the memory of the boys, their fathers and even grandfathers. Today, thanks to the efforts of the company KittyHawk Software manufacturing drawings and assembly schemes of the best airplanes in the history of aviation paper can be found in one place - Program of The's Greatest the Paper Airplanes .

First of all you must understand the following: of The the Paper Airplanes's Greatest is not a computer game, and is a kind of interactive encyclopedia of the fascination world of paper aircraft modeling. The approach the authors of a comprehensive and sufficiently serious: The program includes a lot of educational material, in one way or another related to the art of making flat sheets of paper in a three-dimensional model. Those interested will find excerpts from the history of aviation and aircraft, will be able to meet the necessary basics of aerodynamics, to replenish its vocabulary luggage aviation terminology, and learn all the tricks and subtleties of working with paper. All the theoretical material provided with illustrations and animated inserts, helps to better understand and assimilate the information.

But the main asset of this interactive Bible aviaorigami are, of course, aircraft - fifty presented in the program model is truly great! The entire fleet is divided into ten thematic categories, which includes gliders, fighters, bombers, and even futuristic star-ships. Each of these prototypes is equipped with three-dimensional detailed description and demonstration of the assembly process, for convenience divided into stages. And without a clear process is completely controlled by the player at any moment, you can pause the demonstration, turn the camera at any angle to create models to align the assembly table or view any of the separate stages. Advantages of this approach are obvious charge - to collect any of the five dozen models easily be able to even a child. Also, we should mention a convenient way to apply for the next airplane war paint and print the finished assembly diagram with all the symbols.

The Paper Airplanes's Greatest of The - product is truly unique, it is difficult to overestimate the functionality: the program is both a scientific reference and visual collection of paper models, and workshops to create them. Comprehend the secrets of designing the best paper airplanes is now possible with a few clicks of the mouse - the boys and their dads, and even Grandpa can sleep peacefully!

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