Cheeky Mouse

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How to play Cheeky Mouse

Use your keyboard in order to play the game.

1 Player Start 1

2 Players Start 2

Coin 1 5

P1 Left LEFT

P1 Right RIGHT

P1 Button 1 LCONTROL or Mouse B1

P2 Left D

P2 Right G

P2 Button 1 A

Cheeky Mouse Description

Cheeky Mouse is an action arcade game released by Universal in 1980.
The game can be played with one or two players.
Your goal in the game is to prevent the mice from eating the surface you stand on and stop them from stealing the cheese which is stored under the floor.
Try to hit the mouse with a hammer when it comes out from one of the holes in the wall in order to smash it. The mouse will try to get to the cheese which is placed under the floor. Unless you will catch the mouse, it will come out from its hole in the ceiling, eat its way through the floor and finally will reach the cheese.
Cheeky Mouse is one of the most fun arcade games ever made, and one that you will happily come back to from time to time. Combined with a truly classic design, it's no wonder that this game is incredibly addictive! two thumbs up!

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Cheeky Mouse

Cheat #1 - The mouse is very fast and changes its direction of movement many times during his journey from the ceiling to the floor you stand on- so try to concentrate and follow the mouse movements when he is closer to you and don't get confused by its maneuvers when he is still close to the ceiling. Cheat #2 - It only takes one hit to kill the mouse - so don't spend too much energy pressing the CONTROL button on your keyboard a hundred times. Cheat #3 - Turn on your speakers! the music of this game is absolutely lovely! Cheat #4 - The mouse managed to pass through the floor? don't give up! you can still catch him on its way back up! wait for it close to one of the holes. Cheat #5 - When several mice are eating the floor at the same time the best strategy is to immediately choose one to catch - I always prefer the one which is the closest to me. after you catch the first one move to the 2nd closest one and so on - you can not catch them all at once so instead of staying confused act fast and target a specific mouse at a time. Cheat #6 -Should i play the game on full screen or not? small for sure! since this game is arcade game from 1980 the graphics are really basic - so it is much more fun to play in small screen than in a full screen - this way the game looks much more clear and the user experience is much better! Hints #1 - if you liked this game we have on ClassicReload many more games from the same developer - You can use the nav bar in order to search more fun arcade games of Universal Co., Ltd., we add many new games every week and also accept requests for games you want to have on site! we would love to hear from you!

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