Word Rescue

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How to play Word Rescue

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Word Rescue Description

The player moves around the screen in a platform shooter style environment. He/she tries to match words with their corresponding pictures, located randomly in the level. In addition, the player must avoid both Gruzzles and dangers. Touching them will result in having to start the level over. Once all 7 words are matched, Benny Bookworm magically turns the player's collected words into a key, which is used to open the door in the level which takes the player to the next level.

If the player matches a word with the wrong picture, a "Gruzzle" appears. To deal with a Gruzzle the player must press the Space bar to order Benny the Bookworm to pour slime on it. The player only has a limited supply of slime but slime can be replenished by collecting slime buckets or completing the mystery word.

One word from the level is randomly chosen at the beginning of each level to be the mystery word, and the letters of that word are placed in a random order around the level, despite the fact that they are in the same places every time. If the player completes the word by collecting the letters of that word in order, bonus points and full slime are awarded. Bonus points can also be earned by collecting books, sliming Gruzzles and matching words with their pictures.

Depending on the difficulty level, there are also a set number of Gruzzles on each level. The Easy difficulty is easy for young players, as there is only one predetermined Gruzzle in the level. The Hard difficulty, however, often has as many or more Gruzzles as there are words to find and 20 books must be collected to reveal the mystery word. This makes the game challenging even for adults.

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