Internet Arcade: Paperboy

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How to play Internet Arcade: Paperboy

Coin 1 5
Coin 2 6
Coin 3 7
Service F2
P1 Button 1 LCONTROL or Mouse B1
P1 Button 2 LALT or Mouse B3
AD Stick X Analog Mouse X
AD Stick X Analog Dec LEFT
AD Stick X Analog Inc RIGHT
AD Stick Y Analog Mouse Y
AD Stick Y Analog Dec UP
AD Stick Y Analod Inc DOWN

Internet Arcade: Paperboy Description

Released in 1985, Paperboy is an action game developed by Midway Games and Atari Games. As a local paper boy, you have to attempt to deliver a week of daily newspapers to subscribing customers and while at it, attempt to vandalize homes that are not subscribed. The challenge is to avoid obstacles and hazards along the street. Hit the Play button now!

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Internet Arcade: Paperboy

No posted cheats for this game yet.

Internet Arcade: Paperboy - additional information

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