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How to play Super Volleyball

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.Before the game starts, you have to choose your team players and the country you are to play against. After your preferred team and players have been customised, you can then proceed to choose a play mode. For a single player game, press key 2. To play against another actual player, where they also control a team, press key 2. Insert coin for a single player mode by pressing key 5 and for versus mode, press key 6.

The ALT key replaces the “A” button which is used to toss the ball while it is in the hand of one of your players. When any of your team players is holding the ball, you can use the left and right arrow keys to move him forward or backwards to attain a good throwing range. The CTRL key serves as the “B” button which is used to receive the ball. When you hold this key, any of your team players can receive the ball when it is being tossed in your side of the court. To make a good hit, hit the ball when it is red. Although, when the ball is not tossed on time, the computer tosses it to your opponent automatically.

Super Volleyball Description

Super Volleyball is a 2D scrolling volleyball video game developed and published by Video System Co. Ltd in 1989. Video System Co. Ltd was a Japanese video game developer that operated in the 80s. The company was founded by Koji Furukawa and it was known for publishing a couple of successful franchises such as Formula 1 racing games and the Aero Fighters series. Other games published by this company include Rabbit Punch, Spinal Breakers, Rabio Lepus and Ojanko Club.

In a series of indoor competitive matches, you play for the US team and the opposing team can either be Japan, China, Cuba or U.S.S.R. The play field is displayed on a horizontal screen and you get the perspective of the match from a side view. The camera is fixed on the ball and follows the ball anywhere it is thrown by the players. In the background, there is a cheering crowd that can be heard throughout the course of the match, to simulate a real game. All moves by each member of your team are controlled by you, as you can serve the ball and receive it with the use of the control buttons. The gameplay shows each move made by you or your opponent, which makes the game as interactive as possible.

Super Volleyball can be played in single-player mode or versus mode where you play with another player who would then choose a team. In the single player option, you can choose to play the normal mode or the World league mode. In the World league mode, you play against all national teams in a recurrent match. The countries in the world league match include France, Italy, China, Japan, Brazil, U.S.A, U.S.S.R, and Holland. Each team has fictional players, and before you begin the game, you can create a unique team of your own from scratch. Players’ names, their positions on the field and the colour of your team can also be customised. You also have the liberty to change players while the game is on.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Super Volleyball

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