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Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.


Savage contains three different parts, each with its own style. You can play all three, but to get more than one life on levels 2 or 3, you must first input the code earned on completing the previous level.

You play Savage, a muscular warrior who was imprisoned in a castle. When he broke free, he found out that his imprisonment had been a trick with the sole purpose of imprisoning his love, the maiden. You have to progress through the 3 parts of the game to rescue her.

The first is a simple horizontal-scrolling shooter, in which you use the trajectory of your shots to kill enemies and collect the treasures and improved weapons they drop when killed. The second is a 1st person perspective 3D shooter resembling Space Harrier, with skulls to shoot and monoliths to avoid. In the third you play Savage's Eagle form, flying through platform-style levels avoiding timing-based hazards and shooting anyone who gets in your way. In this section bubbles can be shot to release power-ups.

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Amiga OS
Game year: 
Microplay Software
Developed by: 
Probe Software Ltd.
Savage - Cover Art Amiga
Also known as: 
"Project 5" -- Working title

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TurboGrafx-16 1990
SEGA Genesis 1991
PC Booter 1986
DOS 1994
MAC OS 7.x 1990
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