Dung Beetles

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How to play Dung Beetles

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Dung Beetles Description

Dung Beetles was an Apple II computer game released in 1982 by Datasoft. It was ported to the TRS-80 Color Computer, where it was and distributed by Tandy. On the Color Computer, it was renamed Mega-Bug; however, some copies were sold as Dung Beetles. Later versions for both the Apple II and Atari were named Tumble Bugs. In Australia, the game was re-branded Bug Attack.

The game concept and gameplay were based on Pac-Man, but featured a much larger maze and a moving "magnifying rectangle" which made it easier to see graphic detail of the main character and the bad guys; but also obscured a small area of the map near the main character, making short- to medium-range navigation more difficult. In addition, whenever the main character ate a dot, it left a piece of dung. When a dung beetle found dung, it would eat it and follow the trail.

Dung Beetles is notable because whenever the player was caught, the game played a digitized voice saying "We Gotcha!" This was the only use of voice in the game, and was a novelty, as the Apple II speaker was only able to emit a click. Programmers would have to click the speaker rapidly in order to produce any sound — the typical Apple II game made only monotone beeps and clicks. Programming the game to play back an audio sample, using only a clicking speaker, was an interesting technical accomplishment, shared with another 1982 Apple II game, Sea Dragon.

Dung Beetles - additional information

TRS-80 CoCo Mega-Bug
Game year
Also known as
"Tumble Bugs" -- Atari 8-bit title
"Mega-Bug" -- TRS-80 CoCo title
"Magneto Bugs" -- Gentry Software release title
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