Big Game Fishing

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Big Game Fishing for DOS.

At last, after months and months of diligent work in the bustling city you have chosen to permit yourself an excursion on the limpid waters of the south oceans where you will have the capacity to draw in your most loved game : BIG GAME FISHING! Be that as it may, locals won't lose an opportunity to profit of you: in the event that you don't need your excursion to end in 1 day, you will need to get a lot of fish, as well as the kind and the amount of fish asked for toward the start of every day. In the event that you ought to come up short, you wont have the capacity to pay the cost of your vessel and purchasing gas, lure, and so on... In this way, leasing a pontoon for roughly $60, you are prepared to catch such predator angles as dark marlin, blue marlin, swordfish, or tunny. The gameplay incorporates the temperate and strategical administration in the port or vast waters and angling reproduction in the ocean. In administrative stage you ought to purchase a hardware important for the angling, for example, Flares, Batteries, Lines, Fuel, and Sardines, inspect the variable climate, set a goal point on the guide, and explore your watercraft to this point. You ought to have suitable measure of fuel to explore to untamed waters and between the ports. The greatest fishes are sitting tight for you in the northern more profound waters, so you will need to profit in the seaside territories before daring toward the north. Additionally the capacity to send S.O.S. flag is accessible if there should arise an occurrence of awful circumstance. In reproduction stage you ought to mount a line, dole out one of five nibbles, move the pole up/down, quicken/decelerate the vessel, toss a specific number of sardines to pull in the fish, and catch the fish to gain the cash and respect. The amusement has a three trouble levels, it might be spared in advance and stacked later, and the most astounding accomplishments will be put away.

**** 1991 SIMULMONDO ****

1)Durante tutto il gioco il
joystick e' simulato con i
tasti cursore e <shift>.

<Up> (O) <Shift>
<Right> <---O---> <Left>

2)Durante tuttu il gioco e'
possibile tornare al DOS con

3)Durante la fase arcade e'
possibile disinserire o
inserire il suono con S.


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