Beyond Dark Castle

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How to play Beyond Dark Castle

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Beyond Dark Castle Description

Tthe sequel to Dark Castle, with more levels, monsters and items, as well as a larger game map and longer levels.

Movement in Beyond Dark Castle is similar to Dark Castle with the addition of a helicopter backpack and that Duncan can now collect and drop bombs. These can be used to destroy snakes, mice, and even walls. There is now a health meter that needs to be replenished, multiple keys can be collected, and the levels now scroll (horizontally and vertically). Games can also be saved and loaded (using a unique "computer room"), and there is also a practice mode.

While in Dark Castle, the Black Knight's chambers could be entered at any time, Beyond Dark Castle requires Duncan to collect five orbs which are scattered around the new, much larger castle. As before, the Fireball and Shield must also be acquired before the assault on the Black Knight himself.

The game starts off with the end of Dark Castle, where Prince Ducan toppled the Black Knight's throne. In the original version, the game continued on after toppling the thrown. In the newer version by Delta Tao, Color Dark Castle, on advanced, Prince Ducan finds a fireplace and mantle, and goes to grab torch only to be have the wall turn round and take him with it.

In Beyond Dark Castle When starting a new game it shows the same scene, with the fireplace and mantle, as in the end of Color Dark Castle. It is shown that Ducan is in a large Ante Room, where there are 5 pedestals for holding orbs. Ducan then proceeds to collect all 5 orbs, and a gate is opened that leads to the final duel with The Black Knight. Ducan makes his way through the room until finally finding the Black Knight, where they then fight.

On normal and intermediate difficulties, when the Black Knight is defeated he falls back into his chair, and ducan makes his way over to the fire place by the throne, and is taken back to the main menu, where he does a victory dance. After the score is shown, Ducan goes back though the wall and ends up back in the ante room.

On Advanced the Black Knight fall back into his chair, then turns into a little swirling ball of energy, and flies up the place where his drinks were coming from. Ducan then goes to the fireplace, and pulls on the torch, and is taken back to the main menu. This time, after doing his victory dance, the Energy ball that the Black Knight turned into comes from the top of the screen, and turns Ducan into the Black Knight. The Black Knight then pulls the torch and the wall turns around, showing a "The End" on the other side.

Beyond Dark Castle - additional information

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