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How to play Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge Description

Double Dragon II: The Revenge is the second game in Technos Japan's Double Dragon series of side-scrolling beat-em-ups. The original arcade version of the game was distributed in North America and Europe in 1988 and in Japan during the following year. The game was made specifically for the Western market, where the original Double Dragon enjoyed tremendous success.

Technos Japan developed a home version of the game for the Famicom/NES in 1989, which was drastically different from the arcade version. Other home versions were released for the Mega Drive and PC Engine.

Cheats/Hints/Walkthroughs for Double Dragon II: The Revenge

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Game year
Also known as
双截龍Ⅱ ザ・リベンジ
Daburu Doragon Tsū Za Ribenji
Double Dragon II: The Revenge - Cover Art Commodore 64