Forbidden Forest

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Forbidden Forest is a game designed by Paul Norman, published by Cosmi Corporation in 1983 for the Commodore 64 and Atari home computers. In this game the player controls an archer, armed with a bow and a limit of four quivers of arrows per level. The aim is to move through a forest setting while eliminating various monsters, including giant spiders, bees, mutated frogs, dragons, wizards and snakes, with the final enemy being the "Demogorgon". The game has four levels of difficulty which determine the number and speed of the monsters. This is one of the earliest video games to use animated blood.
A sequel, Beyond the Forbidden Forest, was released in 1985. This was billed as "OmniDimension 4D", as it allows the archer to move (and shoot) in and out of the foreground, with scenery changing from day to night in order to represent time passing.[2] Again, the object is to eliminate monsters (giant scorpions, worms and mosquitos etc) while wandering the forest, earning a golden arrow for each kill; after earning four arrows, the archer may enter the underworld to face bats, a Hydra and finally the Demogorgon itself.

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Commodore 64
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Cosmi Corporation
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Cosmi Corporation
Forbidden Forest  - Cover Art Commodore 64
Also known as: 
"Der Wald von Demogargon: Forbidden Forest" -- German title

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