Injured Engine

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How to play Injured Engine

Each game uses different controls, Games can a combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Injured Engine Description

Injured Engine is an educational simulation game that teaches how a car engine works. The player's task is to test run a faulty engine, figure out what is wrong and then fix the problem. The main screen shows a cross section of the engine and by moving a cursor over it the player gets information on its different components. Clicking on a component gives a closer view of it with text and images explaining how it functions.

As the engine is turned on the player has to monitor the instrument panel and listen to the noise to be able to figure out what is wrong. After locating the disorder the player can enter the repair shop mode to fix it. There it's possible to examine each part and to buy replacement parts. To measure the player's efficiency there is a meter on the instrument panel showing the cost per mile and the aim is to keep it low.

In addition to the main mode there is a troubleshooter challenge mode. The difference is that this mode is timed with the player having to fix the problems as quick as possible. When starting out there are two broken parts and new faults will keep appearing until five major errors have been fixed.

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