Championship Manager 2

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Championship Manager 2 is a football management computer game in the Sports Interactive's Championship Manager series. It was released in September 1995 for PC - it was originally due to be released much earlier but the release date slipped several times as the developers refused to ship the game before it was completely ready. The proposed Amiga release of CM2 was delayed as it became apparent that squeezing the game into a 2meg computer was going to be tricky. It was eventually released on Amiga in 1997.

CM2 was quite a leap forward, in terms of graphics, from previous versions. The game now had SVGA graphics and photorealistic background pictures. Possibly the most notable new feature was the one which is widely regarded as a big mistake[citation needed] - the audio commentary engine. As well as the traditional text-based match commentary, there was also optional voice commentary, provided by famous British football commentator Clive Tyldesley. The major criticism[citation needed] of this was that there weren't enough comments and it quickly got stale and repetitive. Also, to use the audio commentary the games had to be "viewed" at a very slow speed.

Another milestone was the inclusion of playable Scottish leagues. For the first time in the series there was a selection of leagues to choose from at the start of the game - only one could be run at a time, however.

In terms of the underlying gameplay, not a great deal had been changed since the original CM. Things looked a bit prettier but it was still very much a text-based, menu-driven game and the user interface was almost identical to previous games, albeit at a much higher resolution.


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Eidos Interactive, Inc.
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