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How to play Constructor

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Constructor Description

Constructor is a 1997 video game released originally for DOS Personal Computers, and later ported to the PlayStation and Windows-native DirectX 3. It was developed by System 3 and published by Acclaim.

In the game, packed with humorist undertones, the player controls a construction company in a map split between several estates, and must deal with other teams to win the game.

A sequel, Constructor: Street Wars (known as Mob Rule in the US) was released in 1999, but failed to achieve the same success of the first game.


Workers are the basis of the construction teams, and can be converted into any other job at the headquarters, but usually at loss (six workers are required to create a gangster, for instance). They are the only ones capable of constructing/upgrading buildings, manufacturing both goods and building materials and attacking enemy characters. However, they need to rest and recover at the HQ or (preferably) an Hospital if working for an extended period of time or getting involved in a fight, as a lower life bar also slows down their movement and working speed. They can be either bred by level 1 tenants, (expesively) bought from the council, or converted from two spare tenants.

The foreman is the second most important unit. Not only the workers work more efficiently when have a foreman assigned, but he's also the only character able to take over enemy buildings or destroy one owned by the player.

The repairmen ensure the buildings are kept in a safe condition. If no repairman is assigned to a block and no toolboxes were distributed among the houses, the houses will degrade over time (depending on the quality of the house and the kind of tenant) and eventually explode, or requiring expensive repairs.

Only available after a Pizza Parlor is built, their only function is to attack enemy characters. Initially only equipped with a knife, as he gets involved in more brawls, he can be equipped with increasingly powerful weapons, topping after 16 kills with a ray gun. Using gangsters, however, requires favors to the mafia, paid by level 3 tenants.

Policeman are used to stop undesirables and gangsters of attacking other units or houses in the surroundings of the estate they were assigned too. They require a police station and cadets, which are supplied by level 2 tenants.
Delivery men

Delivery man can't be controlled directly, and work for the gadget factory. They place all items, from trees to metro stops, and also house items if they aren't placed from the house menu.

Undesirables inhabit in special buildings, and can preform several tasks that disrupt the enemies blocks, but don't pay rent. Some of the tasks are only accessible in medium difficulty level.

Hippie - Inhabits at the commune, and can picket a working site, throw a party in the street (to distract repairmen or workers) and both squatting an empty house, or attract an enemy hippie outside of a owned building squatted, so he can be dealt by workers or gangsters.
Thief - Lives at the pawn shop, and can steal gadgets from houses, money from the enemy HQ, units from a resource site or even a weapon from a gangster.
Mr. Fixit - Living at their self-titled repair store, the Statuesque character is the most able to destroy enemy buildings, from fiddling with the electrical wiring's and fixing the gas oven (with explosive results) to wrecking havoc with the pipes, flooding the entire estate soon.
Thugs - hooligans by nature, inhabiting apartments, the thugs are experts on stressing tenants, either by terrorizing a house, break into and start a party that will rip each room after another or cruising around a whole block. They can also pick a fight with opponent thugs.
Psycho - equipped with a leather mask and a chainsaw, the psycho can rampage around, terrorizing a construction site and reduce a fence, or even the complete house, to nothing
Ghost - lives at a haunted house, and can possess an enemy unit, render one player unit invisible, haunt a house or cast an army of zombies in a estate, stressing the tenants and reducing police abilities to nothing.
Clown - living at the "House of fun" arcade, the clown can either exorcise a haunted house (giving a balloon to the ghost), hypnotize a guard dog, or more destructively, attract an enemy worker into a spin a the deadly ride, or play with matches outside a house, burning it down.


Tenants are the financial basis of the game. They pay rents, provide workers, more tenants, police cadets, favors to the mafia and "ultimate" buildings. The player starts with a limited number of level 1 tenants, which have to be used to create more workers and new level one tenants. The only way to improve the children to the next level of tenants is installing a computer or building a school. While tenants refuse to inhabit a house under their level, they won't pay much more for one above.

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