Doom 1993 MS-DOS Game Review

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Doom, a widely praised and recognized FPS game, is a true classic in the gaming world. Fans were quite happy when it was recently ported to Nintendo Switch.

This announcement came with no previous announcement or build-up. The game was also released on the Playstation 4 and Xbox, allowing players to revisit the generation-defining first-person shooter.

Here's a quick review of the Doom 1993 MS-DOS game.


It's important to revisit Doom's reception and development to understand its influence. This game was set to release much earlier than it did. But when the creative team missed the date, the distribution was delayed until December 10th, 1993.

Doom is inspired by a popular board game, Dungeons and Dragons, and James Cameron's sci-fi thriller, Aliens. The powerful Intel 386 microprocessor made it possible to use revolutionary 3D graphics for fast and intense action.

The game also features sci-fi themes of martian bases and demons from Hell. Each element of the game has helped in building its legacy, making it one of the highly recognized games.


Doom followed a pattern of killing enemies, finding items, collecting keys, and exiting the maps. The latest edition differs from the previous one in terms of the quality of features.

The latest gen system gave this game analog controls, which allowed precise in-game movements. Many rate the original Doom gameplay higher than that of Doom 3: BFG Edition on the Original Xbox.

The feeling of playing the game using a mouse and keyboard is unbeatable. But the latest setup makes it possible to adjust the sensitivity, further improving immersiveness.

The game comes with a crosshair cursor, border options, and a traditional cheat menu. Players can use the codes and perform several tasks at a click of a button.


The multiplayer concept started with a series in 1994, including four players to connect through dial-up modern. A split screen with four players was a normal thing with Golden Eye and Quake.

With the P1 edition, all the missing features and elements have been restored. But online multiplayer was excluded. That means local players were left with the only option to Switch users.

For the local play, there was a co-op in regular campaigns and other WADs. The game also comes with a Final Doom mission, like an expansion of the second title.


Modern systems are known to manage PC game releases without much hassle, but the latest Doom game runs crisp at 60 fps on nearly any system. Originally, the game ran at 35 fps.

Some users find it difficult to shift their gaming experience of Doom from 35 fps to 60 fps. But it's more of a personal preference than a problem. The classic Doom game had the same sounds, textures, and sprites. In fact, the music of the game has also not been changed.

Influence on FPS

Along with the Aliens movie and Dungeons and Dragons, Doom has become the staple of 90s nerd culture. It offers a truly iconic sci-fi gaming experience that is difficult to match.

In fact, many shooters have tried to mimic this game's aesthetic but couldn't do it. You can revisit this gaming experience to understand how far we have come in video games. The earlier version will also help you understand where the FPS gaming influence came from.

Here's how Doom influenced the FPS:

#1 Shaped the Genre

Doom has undeniably shaped the FPS gaming genre. After this became a huge success, everyone learned about the FPS genre. In fact, Doom has pioneered this genre by offering an experience to play through the character's eye as immersive as possible.

#2 Technological Innovation

Along with pioneering the FPS genre, this computer game also pushed the technological limits, which any other 3D gaming has ever done. Players were able to climb stairs and ramps to ascend over enemies.

#3 Empowered Modding

These days, players don't think twice about the prevalence of modding communities. But during the earlier stages of computer game development, it was not easy because it involved high levels of technology.

#4 Popularized LAN Gameplay

Earlier, the idea of playing a computer game with friends on different computers would sound impossible. But Doom saw this thing as an opportunity and made it possible.


It's been almost 30 years since the first Doom was released. The gameplay mechanics and labyrinth of the game still stand out decades after it came out.

This version included wide weapon selection and accessible cheats, allowing players flexibility in FPS like never before. The game revealed the traditional 90s design with pseudo-3D environments. Any graphic changes were mostly noticed in WADs like Return to Saturn episodes.

Gameplay: 8.2/10
Graphics/Presentation: 8.4/10
Features/Content: 9.2/10

Final Rating: 8.6/10