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This is an side-scrolling beat-'em-up game consisting of a succession of fights, in which you (surprisingly) play a ninja whose job is to go through the playfield and kill everyone in his path. You are also equipped with a dagger and a shuriken which you can hurl at your enemies.

You must also collect "idols" which are left lying around), which will reinvigorate you, as well as grant you further points. Once you collect all of the idols, you will have won the game.

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Amstrad CPC
Game year: 
Entertainment USA
Developed by: 
Sculptured Software, Inc.
Also known as: 
"Ninja Mission" -- Amiga/Atari ST title

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SEGA Genesis 1995
Arcade 1989
Windows 3.x 1994
DOS 1990
DOS 1991
DOS 1983
ColecoVision 1984
DOS 1996