Tracksuit Manager

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How to play Tracksuit Manager

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Tracksuit Manager Description

Tracksuit Manager varied the conventional Football Manager game style in a number of ways. You take charge of an international team aiming to qualify for and then play in the European Championships and World Cup. This means there is no transfer market, just a pool of 100 eligible players from which a squad of 22 is selected. You can view reports on each player's ability and form at any stage of the squad and team selection process. You can arrange friendly matches to try out players and ensure that the squad plays together as much as possible.

The matches are presented as a running commentary, with a small graphic indicating which area of the pitch the ball is in. A wide range of tactical options are available to dictate the team's passing style, defensive approach and so on, and in another first you can give specific instructions to individual players (maybe telling a particularly pacy defender to man-mark a dangerous opposition winger instead of staying in a set position).

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