Another DG Game - I want my C64 back

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How to play Another DG Game - I want my C64 back

Each game uses different controls, Games can have combination of mouse,keyboard and Joystick.

Another DG Game - I want my C64 back Description

The story: a man come in DG's house and ask to him to exchange your Commodore
64 for a new computer for free.

After he tried his new computer without success, DG decides to go to the
recycling center to take back his beloved computer Commodore 64.

If DG didn't find his computer in time, his Commodore 64 will be recycled into

"Another DG game: I want my C64 back" uses Sierra's SCI interpreter to play.
SCI means Sierra Creative Interpreter. This is my first SCI game I made.

How to play:
You are DG who he need to take back his Commodore 64 before it's too late.

Use arrows key to move DG.

You'll need to enter commands to make DG some actions like open door,
take a thing and so...

You may press some keys on the keyboard to make some actions:

<F1> display a help message
<F2> turn the sound on or off
<F5> save your game
<F7> restore your game
<F9> restart your game
<Ctrl+Q> quit your game. Press enter to confirm it or use <Tab> to make
another selection and press <enter>.
<Tab> look at the inventory

If the game is too fast or slow, press "+" or "-" on keypad to adjust the game.

This game should be not too hard to complete but if you need help, just drop
a line to the message and I'll help you.

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