Crusher Castle II

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How to play Crusher Castle II

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Crusher Castle II Description


The objective of Crusher Castle is to find your way out of a Haunted
Castle made up of 25 different rooms filled with Ghosts.

Game Play

When the game begins, you will find yourself in the center of the
Castle in room 13. There is a Room Map on the left side of the
screen which will show you your location in the Castle at all times.

Your man will appear by one of the four exits in room 13. Using
your <Arrow Keys> you can move your man around the room.

Objects / Objectives

There are various objects you will see in each room. There are
Brown Closets, Gold Bags, Candles, Bombs, Boxes, and of course
Ghosts. These Ghosts will always be after you as make your
escape out of the Castle.

10,000 Point Objective

Before you can even begin in your quest to find the way out of
the Castle, you first must acquire 10,000 points. When you begin
your journey you have 3 Men, 5 Candles, and 4 Bombs in your
inventory. Your inventory is shown on the left side of the screen at
all times. A Room Map is also displayed showing your location within
the Castle.

Boxes and Bombs

There are Boxes which are scattered about the room. These can be
pushed around the room to help you avoid the Ghosts. They can
also be blown up with a bomb which will remove them from the room.
If you have bombs collected, you can blast a Box by pressing the
<Spacebar> to activate the bomb. Then press the <Arrow Keys> for
the direction you want the bomb to explode. Pressing the
<Spacebar> key again or moving in another direction where there
is no Box will de-activate the Bomb and it will not be used up.

Gold / Candles / Closets / Ghosts

In most of the rooms you will see Bags of Gold, Candles, Closets
and those nasty Ghosts. Points are awarded for capturing these
items. Crushing Ghosts (trapping them) is done by pushing the
Boxes so that the Ghost has nowhere to move. After he is trapped,
in a few seconds he will vanish and a candle will appear somewhere
in the room.

Candles are the most important objects you will need. Without
candles the game will be over no matter how many men you have left.
Therefore make sure you always have enough candles. ( Hint: this
is really important as you near your escape.) If your candles get
down to 3, then a warning will flash. This means you had better
find some more candles or you will fail in your quest to find your
escape. Approximately every 24 moves by your man, a candle will be
used up. Every time you change rooms, half a candle will be used.

Closets are located in every room. Inside the closets might be
Candles, Bombs, or other items which can help (or hurt you), but
you can never lose a life by opening a closet.

Hint: These closets are the key to finding your escape route out
of the Castle.


There are always Ghosts which will try to catch you. The white
ghosts are the slowest, the pink ghosts are faster, and the light
green ghosts are the fastest. If you can trap a ghost with the
boxes so that he cannot move, you will be awarded points and
he will vanish from the room. As a bonus, a candle will then
appear somewhere in the room. If you trap two ghosts together,
they will not be considered trapped. They must be trapped

Points / Scoring
Candles = 50 Points
Bombs = 100 Points
Gold Bags = 150 Points

Trapped White Ghost = 200 Points
Trapped Pink Ghost = 300 Points
Trapped Green Ghost = 400 Points

Extra Man = Every 10,000 Points

An Extra man is given to you for every 10,000 points. Your first
objective when beginning the game is to reach this 10,000 point
mark. After that, you will be given clues to the later stages of
the game. You will come into contact with things like Magic Cats,
Old Maps, Keys, Secret Passageways.... Each will give you extra
points once found.

Exiting and Entering Rooms

By looking at the Room Map on the left side of the screen, you can
see where you are in the Haunted Castle. Since you are starting
in the center room number 13, there are 4 exits from the room.

To exit a room, simply look for an exit on one of the sides and
move your man through it. The man will then disappear from the
room and enter the next room to continue his journey. Once you
leave a room, the Ghosts you have crushed and the Closets you
have opened will re-appear the next time you enter that room but
in different locations. Remember that every time you exit a room
and go into another, it will use up half a candle !


If you run out of Candles or lose all your Men, then the game
will be over. The game checks to see whether your score is
in the Top Ten High Scores. If it qualifies, then you will
be asked to enter your initials onto the scoreboard.


Arrow Keys : Move Man

<Spacebar> : Activates Bomb (Arrow Keys : Detonates Bomb
in that direction)

<O>ptions : Brings up Option Menu

<T>oggle Sound : On / Off
<H>igh Scores : Crusher Scoreboard
<S>oleau Software : Information on Soleau
Software and our Games.
<D>irections : Crusher Directions

<N>ew Game : Begins New Game

<Q>uit : Quits Crusher Castle II


Running Crusher Castle II under Windows may cause unexpected results.
The game should be played by loading it directly from the Dos prompt.

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This game is distributed as Shareware and may be passed along
to your friends or local BBS. A registration fee of $12.00 is
requested if you find this game is a worthy addition to your
game collection. The registered version of Crusher Castle II,
allows you to Save games in progress. (A great way to cheat
when your nearing your final escape.)

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We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope you will
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