Sea Legends

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How to play Sea Legends

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Sea Legends Description

Sea legends is a DOS based game created by Ocean and published by GTE Entertainment and was released by the date of may 31st, 1996.

The game take place as expected as a title inspired by the Sid Meier's Pirates in the Caribbean seas about the 17th century, although it was a great game, it was little known by gamers of it's time.

In this game, you will play captain Richard Grey, a British sailor who will have to use all his knowledge to accomplish the different missions above his Frigate. Even though, you can freely explore around the map, although this was one of the defect of the game, until certain point, the game become like stuck and you can't do much about that. The other defect of the game that we can mention is the lack of guiding to accomplish the missions.

The gameplay is amazing, you can become a pirate and most certainly not able to enter any town, or raise the Spanish flag to enter Maracaibo... In each town, you can exchange goods, sell prisoners, talk to the governor, recruit new crew, and specially, buy new ships (this is a really educational part, in which you can learn about different types of ships) until u can get the ultimate ship, the wonderful Battleship. The sea battles are really interesting and grateful, you can just get a lot of food and weapons and stand in middle of the sea waiting for action and you will receive a lot of good one. The battles are barely hard because you sometimes can't recruit people and you won't have enough strength to hold you enemies fire, or you can die battling 1 on 1 versus the other captains. Another attraction is the treasure quest, it is not really hard, but you sometimes need luck to get there.

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Sea Legends - additional information

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"Морские легенды" -- Russian spelling
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