F-15 Strike Eagle III

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How to play F-15 Strike Eagle III

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

F-15 Strike Eagle III Description

F-15 Strike Eagle III is an F-15 Strike Eagle combat flight simulator released in 1993 by MicroProse and is the sequel of F-15 Strike Eagle and F-15 Strike Eagle II. It is the final game in the series.

The plane is equipped with a M61 Vulcan and both air to air and air to ground missiles, as well as free-fall and laser-guided bombs. Available scenarios are: Iraq, Panama, and Korea. Missions usually involve to take out one primary and one secondary target, avoiding attacking friendly targets. The player can receive promotions and medals based on their mission scores.

For its time, Strike Eagle III boasted impressive graphics, although enemy planes are not as nearly as detailed as the player's F-15. special attention was put into the terrain and geography, to the extent that real buildings and geographical sites are visible in game, such as the Presidential Palace in Baghdad.

The enhanced CD-ROM edition included flight missions based on those of the Desert Storm campaign.

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