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How to play Felix

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Felix Description


This is an IBM version of the popular arcade game "Bolderdash" seen on
many 8-bit home computers.

The object of the game is to guide your character around the screen
collecting all the diamonds. However, you have to be careful not to trap
yourself, or any of the diamonds, when dislodging any of the many boulders
which are scattered around the screen.

These boulders behave like real ones, ie they fall if unsupported, and
are very dangerous to your health!

Some of the diamonds are locked inside safes. You will obviously need
a key to open them first, but you only need one key to open all the safes.
Security isn't that inportant!

To make the game even more interesting, some screens have eggs on them,
which if disturbed, tend to hatch into rather fast (but fairly stupid)
monsters. These monsters can only be killed by dropping a boulder on them.
Personally I rather like the old fashion approach, be brave and make a run
for it!

Also beware of the deadly demon faces, and the evil fungus which grows,
often quite rapidly, around the screen. Both are also pretty bad for your

You will need to plan your routes very carefully. During the game you
will often find yourself trapped in an impossible situation and may have
to quit and start that screen again. Don't panic! ALL of the screens can be

At any point during the game you can display a map ("M") showing the
location of the diamonds (or safes) left to collect. There is also a
status screen, which shows you your score, and the password for the current

Each screen has a different password, so after you have completed one make
a note of it, so you can return to that screen later by selecting "P" from
the main menu. This saves you having to play all of the previous screens

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my version of this very popular arcade classic.
A list of keys for the game are displayed on the opening title screen.

Best of luck, you'll need it!

DAB. (David Bratton)

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