Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest

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Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.


Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest is a 1990s video game that starred Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah. It is the sequel to Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool. The game is designed much like Super Mario World in which the player navigates through levels in a map, and the game is also a platformer.

Players must explore the entire United States looking for Cheetos to eat while either avoiding or defeating enemies. Levels include a ship, in front of a castle, under the sea, and inside the city. Each level comes with a time limit and each hit results in an "instant death" situation unless the Cheetos snacks have been consumed. The main adversary in the game is Mean Eugene; Chester's main adversary in the commercials.

Each level comes with a boss at the end and losing the game gives the players a limited amount of continues along with a time limit to implement those continues. Both the Genesis and the Super NES version of the game come with an option mode that allows players to alter their controls.

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SEGA Genesis
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Kaneko USA, Ltd.
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Kaneko USA, Ltd.
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest - Cover Art Sega Genesis

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