Once Upon a Time - Baba Yaga

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Press Keyboard right side: Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return.

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How to play Once Upon a Time - Baba Yaga

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Once Upon a Time - Baba Yaga Description

Once Upon a Time - Baba Yaga for DOS Copy Protection codes in Cheat section

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Once Upon a Time - Baba Yaga copy protection code book.

bear yellow: diamond
bear red: triangle
bear pink: arrow
bear green: circle

crocodile yellow: arrow
crocodile red: square
crocodile pink: arrow
crocodile green: square

dog yellow: arrow
dog red: triangle
dog pink: circle
dog green: circle

duck yellow: circle
duck red: square
duck pink: square
duck green: diamond

elephant yellow: circle
elephant red: diamond
elephant pink: triangle
elephant green: triangle

fish yellow: diamond
fish red: diamond
fish pink: circle
fish green: arrow

fox yellow: arrow
fox red: triangle
fox pink: circle
fox green: diamond

frog yellow: arrow
frog red: circle
frog pink: arrow
frog green: triangle

hedgehog yellow: diamond
hedgehog red: diamond
hedgehog pink: circle
hedgehog green: arrow

hippo yellow: arrow
hippo red: square
hippo pink: triangle
hippo green: square

lion yellow: circle
lion red: square
lion pink: square
lion green: diamond

mouse yellow: arrow
mouse red: circle
mouse pink: arrow
mouse green: square

owl yellow: square
owl red: circle
owl pink: square
owl green: circle

rabbit yellow: arrow
rabbit red: triangle
rabbit pink: square
rabbit green: arrow

raccoon yellow: diamond
raccoon red: circle
raccoon pink: square
raccoon green: diamond

snail yellow: triangle
snail red: arrow
snail pink: diamond
snail green: circle

snake yellow: circle
snake red: arrow
snake pink: triangle
snake green: square

squirrel yellow: triangle
squirrel red: arrow
squirrel pink: circle
squirrel green: triangle

tiger yellow: square
tiger red: arrow
tiger pink: diamond
tiger green: arrow

turtle yellow: diamond
turtle red: diamond
turtle pink: arrow
turtle green: square

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