Operation Body Count

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How to play Operation Body Count

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Operation Body Count Description

Using a modified Wolfenstein 3D engine, gameplay was very similar to the majority of other "clones" of the time. The game consisted of 40 levels. The first few levels are set in the sewers, where you attempt to make your way up to the basement of the building. Upon getting into the building, you then need to proceed to level 40, rescue the hostages and destroy the terrorist threat.

There were several features in this game which attempt to rise it above similar games on the market at the time:

The player can activate a proximity map, which appears in the corner of the screen, and doesn't "freeze" the game world to obstruct gameplay.
The terrorists have set booby traps for the player, such as mines, which are often hidden under corpses.
When the player character gets out of the sewers and into the UNN building, they can then command team mates to help in killing the terrorists for that floor.
Many floors in the UNN building have windows and balconys showing simulated views of the city outside. Shooting these windows would result in the glass breaking.
Levels are completed by finding an elevator or stairs, which is often the same one you use to enter the level in the first place.
Although none of the levels featured dynamic lighting, you could turn the lights for the entire floor on or off when you find the generator switch for that level.
All floors and ceilings were fully textured, unlike Wolf 3D which had niether.
Despite these factors, Operation: Body Count was largely ignored due to other games such as Doom overshadowing it. In addition, the gameplay was often criticised for being choppy and repetitive.

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